Monday, September 15, 2008

Flight to Utah

It was easier to fly with Rhys when he was a newborn. On the flight to Utah I got lucky and sat in between to very nice people that helped me keep Rhys entertained. The thing that kept him the most entertained was the sick bag that the fight provides and a wrapper from the snack, he stayed busy putting the wrapper in and out of the bag for awhile. It was fun to watch him try to figure how to open and keep the bag open. He also liked putting the window shade up and down. After I took a picture he would squint his eyes because of the flash it was cute. It was a long 3 and half hours. 
 He is so cute.  

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Salem said...

What a cute little guy! He is at such a fun age...but it is definitely a BUSY age. Which makes things like 3 1/2 hr. plane rides a little difficult. :) It's a good thing they come so darn cute....