Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bears Game

We got to go to the Bears and 49ers football game. We left our house at 5p.m. to get to the game which started at 7 we thought that we would be able to get there early but were we wrong, we got stuck in traffic and didn't get there till 7:30. Parking was awful so Ross dropped Gavin, Rhys, and I off and went and parked. By the time Ross and christian got into the game it was half over which was to bad. Right when Ross sat down Gavin wanted food so off he went to get food. So Ross was not able to watch much of the game. It was also way past Rhys' bed time so he slept most of the game. So my advice if you go to a game is know where your going to park or where you CAN park.The boys still had fun.

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