Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Climbing trees

The boys love climbing this certain tree, it is not one to climb to get to the top but they love just playing around on the banches.
This was the first time that I had put Rhys down to crawl on the grass he wasn't quite sure what to think about it.


Angie said...

That looks like the perfect tree to climb on...and how nice to have Reece be content with watching everyone... With the wind we get out here, our kites are nose-diving or getting ripped out of our hands and lost somewhere up there in the sky... lol

gollyjess said...

Jodi, love the blog. Now you will have to post about Rhys's second hair cut during playgroup. Way to multi-task sista!


Angie&Blake said...

Jody your little boys are so cute I cant wait to have kids!!! I wish I was in utah to see your cute little family!!! Hope all is going great!!! Love angie jolley
I hope you dont mind that i added you