Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today I went upstairs to see what Rhys was doing and saw this. He was putting hand soap on his hands also. At least he didn't turn the water on.

He is getting to big and also so cool looking.

Rhys being Harry Potter with a pencil wand. He'll come up to you and point his wand at you and say "zap , I zapped you" it is cute!

Rhys loves to vacuum and asks me to get my vacuum out so that I can vacuum with him. Now only if the thing really worked I wouldn't need to vacuum.


Zach, Kristin, Sterling and Kaizley said...

How did he get up there, the little monkey! He is the cuttest little guy!!! I miss his little voice! "Got deez tatoes"

Angie said...

So funny...in the sink! I can't believe he didn't turn the water on! lol