Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Break

This was Rhys' favorite thing to do watch for the balls to come back.

Christian and his Nerf gun

Rhys hiding from the dinosaur

Me, the Boys, my Dad, and his mom (the boys' Great Grandma)

For Christmas we decided to surprise our families and go to Utah without telling them. It was a lot of fun! I was expecting screams of excitement but no one did they were just speechless. It was so nice to be able to take this time and see family and relax and not cook. We went bowling one of the days while we were there with Great Grampy, but poor Christian didn't get to bowl cause he got sick just as we got there so Ross and him went home to get some rest. The boys had a great Christmas. Rhys got a toy dinosaur that would roar and walk if you pushed a button on its back. The first time we pushed the button he ran away and hid behind the couch it was so funny, he kept saying " I don't like it". It took him a little while before he liked it but he did warm up to it eventually . The older boys got some Wii games and each got a Nerf gun, Christian's was a machine gun that he barely can even hold up and Gavin's was a sniper riffle. Santa brought them some nice gifts. We also got to eat at some of our favorite places that Chicago doesn't have, just to name one Cafe Rio. Ross and I got to go out on few dates also that was really nice! To sum it all up we had a great Christmas Break!!!

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Zach, Kristin, Sterling and Kaizley said...

Yes it was AWESOME that you guys came and surprised us! Miss you guys already!