Sunday, August 10, 2008


The boys were lucky and were able to go to lagoon twice this summer. The first was with the Grammy, Grampy and Nanna and of course me. So they rode a lot of just the little rides. Gavin did go on a few of the bigger rides but not many. Christian was just to little to go on the bigger rides but there was this one ride that was a little bigger called the bat and the boys loved that one it was one that your feet were hanging. I thought that we probably would be heading home by at latest 7 but they were having so much fun and being so good that we didn't leave until 9:45 which shocked me.
The second time Ross was back so he was able to come. Kristin, Zach, Misty, Leslie and Andrew also came. With Ross there Gavin was strongly coursed to ride the big rides. He even went on one that went upside down. He also went on the Wicked. Gavin did not want to ride them but after he got off of them he had a huge smile. Rhys was so good and content sitting in his stroller and watching. We had so much fun!

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