Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bear Lake

We went to bear lake from July 23rd to July 27th, with my parents and some other relatives. Gavin and Christian loved playing in the lake, it was shallow enough for some distance so they were able to go out and play by their self's with me just watching from the beach they loved it. Rhys also loved going down to the beach he loved playing in the sand. Rhys also liked to try to sneak the little shells that were all over the beach in his mouth I'm not sure why he would want to eat them. That boy always had sand in his mouth YUCK. Rhys saw a shell sitting right on top of the sand so instead of picking it up with his hand to put it in his mouth he leaned over and tried picking it up with his mouth which he got the shell but also a mouth full of sand. My uncle brought a boat and Gavin LOVED going out and riding on it he even got to drive it. Gavin had a water fight it was him against two teenagers he got them pretty good considering the odds. The boys had a blast on that trip.

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