Sunday, March 16, 2008

Valentine Cupcakes

So we decided to do cupcakes instead of cookies it was a lot of fun. The boys and I went over to our friends (morins) house to do them. I provided the cupcakes and some toppings and Salem did the frosting and toppings. Salem had a bunch of different toppings to put on the cupcakes from mini marshmallows to cute sprinkles, she made it hard to pick what to put on your cupcake, they turned out so cute. It makes me wonder how many of the toppings actually made it on to the cupcakes I think more of them got eaten before they had the chance of being put on. All that were there are Gavin, Christian, Rhys, Ryder, Bristol, Salem, Amy, and I. The boys love getting together with friends for the holidays and doing cupcakes or cookies. I hate to use a blurry picture of Christian but if he sees I didn't put picture of him on he would be sad. Rhys is just happy to sit in his car seat and watch all that is going on.

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