Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lets Take a Walk

Here is the rock he carried for half the walk.

One of our favorite things we used to do on Sunday while we lived in Utah was to go on a walk near Cedar Hills golf course and look for golf balls. So one Sunday Nana, Aunt Leslie and all of us took a walk. The boys both found 6 each. On the way back Rhys was slowing down quite a bit so how we got him to pick the speed up is we gave him a golf ball and he would throw it down the path and then go chase it, he loved doing this. If he was not able to get the ball because it went in the bushes he would hauler at the boys to get it for him, he had them trained just like puppy dogs. He also carried this huge rock for half the walk, I'm not sure why though because it had to be a little heavy for him. We really enjoyed our walk!

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