Friday, August 28, 2009

Fishing With Grampy

On one of my dads days off we went fishing up to Deer Creek. Christian caught 2 fish with the help of mom on riling them in. He was way excited, but he was a little disappointed that they were both the same type of fish. I really enjoyed it cause I didn't have to chase Rhys around cause on a boat there was no where for him to go. Every once in awhile Rhys would get all flustered and want his life jacket off but once he noticed I was not going to take it off he stopped fussing. Gavin got several fish to bite but since he was trying to rill them in by his self he never actually caught one. But he would be the type that could fish all day long he has the patients for sitting around to get a bite, he really enjoyed it. Christian on the other hand, after he caught his fish and the excitement was gone and we were just sitting around waiting for the fish is when we heard a lot of complaining that he was bored and wanted to go. Grampy was not really able to fish because he was untangling fish lines and baiting the lines. Poor Grampy. Other than the complaining, we had a great time with Grampy and my sister Jamie fishing!!

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