Saturday, January 10, 2009

Car ride to Utah

We decided or more like was told to drive back to Utah for Christmas (everyone wanted to see the boys). The boys were really good for the LONG drive. Rhys never did throw any big crying fits and the other two are real easy. we had a game boy and a portable DVD player which kept them all busy. Rhys loved when I got the camera out, he loves getting his picture taken. Every time he saw the camera he would say "cheese" it was way cute, on the other hand Christian did not want his picture taken. Rhys would not keep his socks on, when we got back in the car from a stop the socks would come off right away or at least one of them would. It was a pretty smooth sailing until we hit the Utah boarder and then it was a white out. It took us 26 hours instead of the normal 20-21 hours.

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