Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rhys' Basket

So Rhys has a new toy. It's a empty laundry basket. Why do we  even need to buy him toys? He loves to put things in the basket and push it around. He sometimes only has one thing in it.  He'll take things out and push it around and then come back and get the stuff he took out. 
So when the boys are in school this is what Rhys and I do to entertain us. So now we can ask him where his basket is and he will go and get it. The  other morning Ross was looking for his shoes and I asked have you checked Rhys' basket, so he did and that is where they were. So now if we are missing anything we check his basket. It is so cute when he pushes it around. It is also fun to see what he collects in his basket.

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Angie said...

It's so funny what they find fun...all of these toys, and then there's the laundry basket or a box to play with and entertain them for hours...so funny