Thursday, January 24, 2008


Rhys is getting so big and his hair wont stop growing, not to much longer and I will have to get it cut. People are already mistaking him as a girl. He is now 6 months old, he always has his hands in his mouth and if I don't keep his finger nails trimmed real well he scratches his face, I once counted 10 little scratches on his face it was sad. Gavin and Christian just love him to pieces I'm always having to tell them to back off of him because they get right in his face to play with him, they don't understand that he can't see them when their that close. He can almost rollover from his back to his stomach he's so close, he already rolls from his stomach to his back but not that often because he hates to be on his stomach. And he is soo.. chubby.


Angie said...

I can't believe how much hair Rhys has...and how dark! What a cute chunky little boy. It's so fun to see pic's!

Salem said...

Yayyy!!! I love the updates!!! Cute pictures...I'm still bummed that we missed the cookie decorating. :( Valentine's is coming...we'll have to do it again.